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Fixture Repair & Replacement

Fixture Repair/Replacement in Richmond, VA


Whether you're needing repair or replacement of your toilet, faucets or fixtures the professionals at Plumbing Solutions of VA are here to help.   

Leaky kitchen/bathroom faucets

From sinks and faucets to tubs, showers and toilets, there are often times when your fixtures need repair or replacing.  And many times it can be something as simple as replacing washers or other small parts.  On the flip side your leaky faucet or other fixture may need to be replaced.

Leaking Toilets & Fixtures

Rust and corrosion is a major problem in plumbing.  Hard water and time can cause rust and corrosion which leads to leaks.  In addition toilets often crack and begin to leak.  Our trained technicians can identify the problem and cause and recommend the best solution.  If your toilet, sink or any other fixture needs replacing we can recommend a new replacement. 

Plumbing Solutions of VA has the experience and expertise to fix anything with your plumbing system.  And we care greatly about making the right repairs and giving you the best possible service.  If your fixtures can be repaired and that's the direction you want to go we'll gladly administer the right repair.  We'll never lead you down a path or recommend a solution you're not comfortable with.  Our goal is to first always do what you want. 

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I hired Plumbing Solutions of VA for a bathroom remodel.  Dan was very professional and friendly.  He finished in a timely manner with excellent results.  Will be calling them again to do another remodel. 

Glen H
Powhatan, Va



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